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Carteret Animal Hospital

This is Lola.... L L L L Lola.... L L L L Lola.....  you know you just HAVE to sing her name!  She is a chocolate lab, approximately 10 years old, and she's heartworm positive.  She came to us after being hit by a car.  By one of our employees to be exact.  Late at night.  It was just a tap, really.  She was none the worse for wear, just a few superficial scrapes, but she lay in the road and refused to get up.  And the employee, of course, felt awful.  And couldn't just leave her there.  So she loaded her into the car and called me.  This poor old lady had NO hair and was covered in what I thought at first were tiny spots - until they started moving and then I realized they were FLEAS!  Her claws were so long they curled under and she had arthritis that made it difficult for her to get up and down.  She had filthy ears and dirty teeth...  She obviously hadn't been cared for properly in some time.  So we patched her up and she stayed.  Now, we are very fond of our Lola.  We aren't entirely sure that we want her to go.  It would take JUST the right people, just the right home...  If you are interested in being interview for the position, please let us know.

Available Animals

Iryss Raine is a beautiful brown and white pitbull terrier; a little on the small side (only 43#), she came to us from the Carteret County Humane Society - she had been adopted from the shelter as a puppy and then returned to the shelter less than a year later after being injured.  She was brought to Carteret Animal Hospital after she began having trouble with her hind legs - she was soon diagnosed with an infection in her vertebrae which was causing her great pain and making it impossible for her to walk.  The treatment involved a long course of expensive antibiotics and was not something that the shelter could manage, so she was signed over to Heart to Heart Animal Rescue and we were able to rehabilitate her.  She is now healthy, happy and pain free.  We love her, but we are looking for a forever home for this active crazy girl.  One with a big yard and NO cats would be ideal - she still thinks that cats are the ultimate in play toys... super fuzzy, smell good and they RUN when you chase them!

Phoenix originally came to us as part of a litter of 4 brown tabbies that we gave Egyptian names to; they were all adopted out.  Due to unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances, Phoenix was returned to us.  We are now searching for her forever home.  She is spayed and up to date on all vaccines; she is FeLV and FIV negative, she has been an indoor cat, and has lived with other cats.  We are not yet sure how she will react to dogs.  If you have a place in your home for her, please let us know.

All animals adopted out through Heart to Heart have been spayed or neutered and have been fully vaccinated; cats have been tested for feline leukemia and FIV, dogs have been tested for heartworms.  All animals have had fecal examinations and have been dewormed; all animals receive monthly flea treatments and dogs are given monthly heartworm preventive.

Our adoption fee is $125.00; this only covers a fraction of what we spend on the each animal, but the fee helps us to keep helping other animals in our community.

Hermione originally came to Heart to Heart as part of a litter... the rest of the litter was adopted, but sweet Hermione remained.  After a time, we felt bad keeping her under lock and key, so we released her to run around the clinic with Rintoo and Jerico.  She is now 13 months old and more than ready for a home of her own.  She is a brown tabby with medium length hair and a glorious tail, she is an absolute doll and will make a great addition to your home; she gets along well with other cats and is not afraid of dogs.  In fact, she quite enjoys bossing dogs around, and is not afraid to do so.

Rico is an approximately 12 year old short haired brown tabby cat; he was abandoned by his former owner when the owner got married - the new wife apparently did not want Rico in the home and thus he was abruptly, and without ceremony, evicted. 

Rico is overweight, but we are taking measures to help him lose weight; he is a fairly lazy boy as one might expect from his weight and age.  He isn't particularly bothered by other cats, dogs or children.  He is hoping for a new home where he can live out the rest of his life.  He enjoys resting, eating and posing for random photo shoots.  And he loves his chair.  Please contact the office or come by to meet this sweet boy.