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If you are suffering through any of these issues with your pet, please be sure to let us know.  We know the struggle is real and most of it have been through it with our own pets.  We can help you to come up with a plan to appropriately correct the behavior and redirect your pet to a more acceptable response.

Behavioral problems are common and, in general, are one of the most common reason that pets are either given away or treated harshly.  Addressing your pet's behavioral issues when they first start will improve the bond between you and insure that you have a long and healthy relationship.

Common cat behavioral problems include - scratching or destroying furniture or flooring, obsessive grooming, inappropriate soiling, and rough play (scratching or biting) or aggressive behavior.  

Common dog issues include - aggression, barking, digging, chewing on inappropriate items and separation anxiety.

We are pleased to be able to offer a referral for professional training - we have worked with these folks ourselves, with our troubled rescues, and can confidently say that they can work miracles. Please call them and see what magic they can perform for you.


Behavioral Counseling