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Look at the difference a dental cleaning can make!


Tired of dealing with your pet's reddened gums and bad breath?  Gingivitis and tartar could be the cause of these symptoms.  The build up of tartar, with subsequent gum disease and tooth loss, affects not only your pet's immediate oral hygiene and the bond between you (no one wants kisses from a dog with "dragon breath"), but also has a long term impact on the health of the heart, kidneys, liver and other major organ systems.  In short, dental disease shortens your pet's life.  Pets need regular dental cleanings just like humans.

Dental procedures can be scheduled for weekday mornings at your convenience.  Patients must arrive at the clinic by 9:00am and will go home after 4:00pm the same day.  Patients with severe dental disease may be started on a course of antibiotics the week before the dental is performed.  This will lessen the effect of any bacteria that they may ingest as a result of the procedure.

Since most pets don't brush daily (or even at all...), and they have a habit of chewing on things that might cause damage to their teeth (bones, sticks, fencing, concrete, furniture, etc.), their teeth tend to break and decay more rapidly than what we experience with our own teeth.  Certain injuries may also cause damage to teeth, necessitating removal.  During the dental cleaning, any broken, diseased or severely loosened teeth may be removed. This will improve your pet's overall health and comfort, as well as prolong the time required between dental cleanings. 

Brushing your pet's teeth daily - using a soft toothbrush and toothpaste safe for pets (NOfluoride) - will also slow the build up of tartar on his / her teeth.  Ask us to show you how to best accomplish this.