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Carteret Animal Hospital

​​A little history -

The original Down East Outreach Vaccination Clinics - which have been graciously hosted by the Otway Fire Department for many years - began under the direction of Dr. Lynne Swanson.  She saw a need for affordable veterinary care in these under-serviced areas; the incidence of unwanted reproduction, heart worm disease and rabies were high, the human-animal bond was low.  Her goal was to vaccinate, to educate, to improve the lives of both the pets and their owners, and to help the community by controlling reproduction - and over the course of a decade, she was able to make significant headway.  The majority of pets were spayed and neutered, the incidence of heart worm disease was at an all time low, pets had become family members, not just yard ornaments.  During this time, Dr. Swanson had founded Safe Harbor Farms and eventually they purchased land and set up in Maysville.  With her home base so far from Beaufort and the Down East clients, Dr. Swanson was hunting for someone to take over her efforts.  Dr. Henry was new to the area and looking for ways to become involved in the community - she eagerly assisted at her first outreach clinic in the spring of 2012, and immediately agreed to take over their execution - and that is what spurred the foundation of Heart to Heart Animal Rescue.  

Our current mission -

Since it's inception, Heart to Heart Animal Rescue has continued to sponsor at least 2 low cost vaccination and heart worm clinics in Otway each year. They have also expanded their operations to include the intake, treatment, fostering and permanent placement of homeless pets in Carteret County. These animals have included litters of homeless kittens found on the roadside or under dumpsters, and adult dogs and cats who's owners no longer have the ability to care for them due to time constraints or physical illness.  They have pulled animals from local shelters, taken some from other local rescues who have run out of space or independent fosters, and have accepted strays found by residents of Carteret County.

In 2017, we expanded the Outreach Vaccination Clinics to the outer banks - we now host biannual vaccine clinics in Pine Knoll Shores in addition to our Otway clinics.  Our goals for 2018 include fundraising efforts aimed at purchasing a digital x-ray machine to provide free services for rescue groups, and establishment of a fund to help financially challenged owners obtain basic medical care for their pets when the only other option may be euthanasia.

Please visit Heart to Heart Animal Rescue's site for more information and to see how you can help. You can request information, make donations and click here to see what animals are currently available for adoption.​  We need your help to continue our efforts.

Heart to Heart Animal Rescue