Just as it is for us, nutrition is critically important in the overall health and longevity of our pets.  It is critical for puppies and kittens, but also for adult and senior animals. 

As with the human population, obesity is becoming the norm, rather than the exception.  It is just as unhealthy for animals to be overweight as it is for their human counterparts. 

Obesity puts undue stress on the heart and other internal organs, as well as the back and all joints.  It can lead to lifelong health problems like diabetes, will exacerbate arthritis, can lead to joint injury and may result in a shortening of the animal's lifespan. 

Poor quality food, especially in puppies, can result in chronic malnutrition which may manifest in deformed bones or joints, organ failure, and other diseases.  Fillers added to poor quality foods may also cause allergic symptoms - itching, chewing, licking, etc.

Make sure that you are feeding your pet a quality diet made from nutritious ingredients, and that you are feeding the appropriate amount for your pet's age, breed and lifestyle.





Carteret Animal Hospital

The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention has amazing information on their website - obesity statistics, nutritional requirement calculators, as well as the caloric contents of most foods that are commercially available.

If you have any questions about the quality or quantity of the food that you are using, please ask us - we are happy to assist you in insuring that your pet receives the best nutrition possible.

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