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Old age itself is not a disease, and with the advances in veterinary medicine, dogs and cats are living much longer and healthier lives.  It is important to be aware of the natural changes that can occur as your pet reaches his golden years, as well as what you can do to help keep him healthy, active and as comfortable as possible.  This will ensure that you both enjoy the final stage in your pet's life to the fullest.

Early detection and treatment of common problems is key to ensuring the best quality of life for your pet.  We recommend physical exams every 6 months and annual routine lab work for pets who have reached their senior years.

Age Analogy -

The age at which your pet is considered a "senior" will vary, based on his adult weight. 

These are our definitions of "senior" ages for use with treatment protocols at Carteret Animal Hospital -

   *Cats - 8 yrs
   *Small dogs (up to 20 lbs) - 8 yrs
   *Medium dogs (21-50 lbs) - 7 yrs
   *Large dogs (51-90 lbs) - 6 yrs
   *Giant dogs (> 91 lbs) - 4 yrs

Senior Care