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Carteret Animal Hospital


In addition to the more "routine" surgeries like spaying and neutering, Dr. Henry is very experienced with tumor or other growth removals, repair of "cherry eye" defects, laceration repairs, hernia repairs, removal of bladder stones or gastrointestinal foreign bodies, caesarian sections, and relief of obstructed cats, as well as emergency surgeries such as "bloat" or splenectomies.  We also perform some orthopedic surgeries, specifically where fractures are involved.

Surgeries can be scheduled for most weekday mornings, at your convenience.  Patients undergoing surgery must be dropped off by 9:00am and, in most cases, can be picked up after 4:30pm on the same day.

Your pet's safety is our primary concern.  We offer, and strongly recommend, pre-surgical blood screening to help us determine if there are any underlying problems that should be addressed before sedation.  We also administer IV fluids to each patient during surgery to insure that we maintain their blood pressure and keep adequate blood flow to all of their organs while they are sedated.  We use high quality monitor equipment to track your pet's heart rate, blood oxygen saturation levels, blood pressure and EKG.  We always use the safest forms of anesthesia available, and will tailor our sedation protocol to your pet's individual needs and any health concerns.